Main Features

Stock Search

The Stock Search tool is used to find a single company (ticker, symbol) or an entire stock exchange list of companies from Dow Jones, NASDAQ, NYSE, ASX All Ordinaries to perform stock analysis and investment research on.

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First Class Trader Stock Search Tool: Identify companies on global stock exchanges to buy shares in. Allows you to search by stock code / ticker, company name or index (e.g. Dow Jones, NASDAQ, NYSE, All Ords, ASX, etc). You can also use the Sector and Industry filter to narrow down potential investments.

Research Filter

The Research Filter performs Fundamental Analysis by statistically ranking each company against 30 financial performance indicators to identify stocks in the strongest financial position through to the weakest.

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Stock Exchange Fundamental Analysis

Historical Charting

With the click of a button you can display a company’s historical stock price trends, volume changes and apply Technical Analysis.
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Technical Analysis Stock Price Candlestick Chart MACD Stochastic


The Watchlist is used for monitoring of your portfolio or future investments through real time market updates of key intra-day activity such as price and volume changes. Read more…

Diversified Portfolio Stock Investment Research

Snap Shots

The Snap Shot tool is used to monitor a company’s position over time to help identify the right times to buy or sell and help determine over-valued or under-valued prices.
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Diversified Portfolio Stock Investment Research

Update Log

The Update Log stores the latest company financial information and percentage change compared to previous results after updating to the latest available reported data.
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Stock Market Investment Research Fundamental and Technical Analysis